Our agile collaboration process is designed to drive continuous improvement throughout the VR/AR project development lifecycle. The result is a better end product that delivers on-time, on-target, and on-budget.

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Frequent Feedback Cycles

Our approach is highly collaborative and defined by “fast and fearless,” agile sprint iterations (typically two to three weeks in duration). Client partners review interim deliverables and provide feedback at each sprint milestone, eliminating unwanted surprises, enabling easier pivots, and accelerating launch times.


Rapid Prototypes

We provide preliminary “proof-of-concepts” as early in the project lifecycle as possible, enabling client partners to begin soliciting internal input and building buy-in with key project stakeholders. This prototype is then continuously improved and updated with each sprint iteration until a market-ready beta release is secured.


Integrated User Testing

Our Experience Design team conducts regular testing with first-time VR/AR users throughout the development cycle to help simulate each client application’s anticipated use environment. This process surfaces non-obvious design and usability issues early, resulting in more intuitive, user-friendly apps at full launch.